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A trial course of 3 lessons is designed to enable the student  to experience firsthand how the program matches the students requirements. There is no obligation to join after the trial course.

The course consists of three,  1 hour semi-private classes in which a  specially trained instructor will explain and teach the basics of karate-do including self-defense techniques in a safe and systematic way. The history and philosophy of the martial arts are also explained in brief.

The is no hitting, throwing, or possibility of injury from training at the Academy, either at the trial course or during regular sessions.  Before joining, children, and especially young adults are explained and must promise to "not fight" except in self-defense.

After 3 lessons; an assessment is given, the student can enroll and join regular classes.  A  "tailored to fit" uniform made for each student at this time.  One is welcome to purchase or provide own uniform also.


TRAIL COURSE FEE IS TK. 500 ONLY for all 3 lessons (plus free information kit)

Normal timing: Children < 12  Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, 4:20-5:20

Children and Adults: 5:30- 6:30 Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

(Other timing may be arranged by appointment)

What to expect on day of trial Course, how to dress:

Classes start with few minutes of mediation to settle & prepare the mind followed by  10-15 minutes of free hand and yoga exercises to prepare the body, then techniques, background, and philosophy that are building blocks of effective martial arts are taught and repeated till student picks up.

Class ends with repetition of all items taught, preview of next lesson, strengthening and toning exercises, cooling off exercises, and meditation.  Games to increase coordination, hand eye control, concentration are played in classes for children.

Trial courses are modular and taught at the rate at which student can pick up. there is no hurry, no expectation.

Within 3 lessons you will learn techniques and how know you can use each technique in a practical situation.

Dressing for class: wear any lose and comfortable clothes  in which you can exercise.  After 3 lessons your uniform will be made.

EATING before class:  as with all physical activity, games, your last meal should be hour & half to two hours before your training session.  Light snacks can be had before, avoid oily foods, fruits are encouraged.