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Benefits of Martial Arts Training:

Benefits of Karate Training:

Major benefits are self-defense ability, improved confidence, health/fitness, motivation, reduction in stress etc.  However, different groups benefit specifically, for example:  

CHILDREN benefit from enhanced self-esteem,  focus, and motivation to do better in everything.  They also develop a sense of respect for self and others.  Martial art training in general improves school performance,  self-esteem, attitude and manners. 

MEN: Benefit most by getting regular exercise and fulfilling an innate need for challenging activities, plus an outlet for stress and tension.

WOMEN: self-defense capability and the increase in both mental and physical strength are the most apparent benefits.  However, Karate also does wonders for toning, coordination, and more.  The strong spirit creates a new and more capable individual.

How Specific Benefits Work:

Stress Reduction

Weight Loss

Self Confidence

Improved fitness

Increased strength

Greater flexibility

Enhanced Motivation

Better Behavior

Better School performance

Inner peace