From 4th April Saturday, dojo will move to new and improved location at House No: 6 (1st Floor), Road 113/A Gulshan 2 Dhaka 1212. Please see map below:

Our thanks to Black Belt Mishal Ali who worked very hard to find us this space which is in between Gulshan 1 and 2 and is on the first floor.

It is hoped you will appreciate more the quiet and open space. While no location will be perfect, we know the members and parents will work to make the most of the new location and continue the spirit of family that is the most special thing about Black Belt Academy.



Welcome to the Black Belt Academy

You have one life to lead. Weather you live an average life or a life lived to the fullest with passion and excellence is up to you Training at Black Belt Academy is designed to:

Motivate individuals to achieve their best our karate is not only about kicks and punches it’s about the daily battles of life and how you can learn to win.

health, fitness, and self-defense capability are natural byproducts.

We look forward to seeing you at Black Belt Academy

Shihan Kazi Qais


Why Karate-do:

When you train in the martial arts, you chi/ki or internal energy moves in a special ways.  You feel alive, strong, and happy.  Internal peace becomes possible. (Ancient Chinese saying)

· Children become better behaved, focused, school performance improves

· Ladies gain a new perspective on life from increased strength and self confidence

· Male adults find a fun way to exercise, de-stress, and keep fit

· Something for the whole family...............Black Belt Academy